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"Print image quality was some of the best we received."
- Popular Photography

"Whoever said 'you get what you pay for' hasn't sent their vacation photos to Snapfish."
Gold Star Site Award "Best Prints From Film" - Yahoo! Internet Life

Snapfish is a leading online photo service with more than 19 million members and 350 million unique photos stored online. enable their members to share, print and store their most important photo memories at the lowest prices - online or off. Snapfish offers professionally-developed digital camera prints as low as 10¢, film developing for just $2.99 per roll, free online photo sharing, unlimited online photo storage, free editing tools and software, wireless imaging services, and more than 70 personalized photo products, ranging from calendars, mugs and mousepads, to boxer shorts, dog leashes and teddy bears.

Based in San Francisco, Snapfish is a division of Hewlett-Packard, the world's foremost digital imaging company and one of the most trusted brands on the planet.

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